Collective Taxi

COLLECTIVE TAXIS in a new cheaper way to travel around Cuba:
1- You can share with other people who travel on the same route and schedules through the main cities of Cuba. Through this transport you will pay only per seat.

2. The groups are without a minimum of people

3. The services are door to door of the same lodging (Hotel / Casa Particular)

4. The fleet we use includes Jeeps/Classic Cars/Standard Cars

5. Includes one bag per person (1x23kg) and a small handbag that can be carried on the feet. For more packages, you must coordinate it in advance.

6. The departure times are already established; the client must conform to them.

7. This option is only transfer, not excursion.

8. It is necessary to reserve and wait for confirmation, it is usually answered in a short time, a matter of minutes during business hours. If you require urgent service, you must call via WhatsApp

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