About Us

Since 2016

We are a small working group with experience in the tourism sector for almost 20 years, since 2016 we started working from the private sector with taxi services and “Casas Particulares” for rent. We try to cover all the services that our clients demand, we like to work with the highest quality. Thank God to date we have satisfied, to a large extent, the demands of our customers.

Our services cover a very varied offer in almost all of Cuba, we will do our best to reflect them on this website but we accept different requests to those that appear here.

We look forward to your stay.

TropiCollage & CollageTaxi


Provide assistance to all the people who require our services, give accurate, precise, efficient answers as quickly as possible, achieve customer satisfaction by giving advice, committing ourselves to their needs, solving any problems they may have and offering the best possible price.


Develop ourselves in a sustainable manner based on permanent innovation in the provision of services, the way in which we provide services to our clients, in the quality of the information provided to them and in that the recommendations are appropriate to the need of each one in a way that adapts to changes in the industry, the continuous demand of the market and to predict what the trends are. Permanently invest in technology that can help develop and position the Agency above the competition.


The company is based on honesty, mutual respect, teamwork, responsibility, professionalism, transparency in actions, commitment, growth, constant innovation and the importance of our clients for the vitality of the company. .

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