TROPICOLLAGE…where passion starts.

TROPICOLLAGE travel agency  provides visitors trips around Cuba. TropiCollage includes taxi services, house renting and assistance. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, in a small or as part of a large group, one of our travel specialists will assist you in creating an itinerary for your travel preferences and budget.

Along with client safety and quality service, we also want you to enjoy and make sure you get what you came here for!

Working as a team, we would be proud to introduce our presence amongst the leading travel agencies all over the world!!! Taking pride in showing you what this country has to offer, tell us what you want to experience and we create a suitable tour package on which you can benefit from our local knowledge and expertise. Understanding that not all travelers and tourists are the same, if you prefer to organize your own, we would be glad to help you and point you in the right direction! Consider us an extension of your tourist guidebook!

Please find our location and contact information below:

Our 24×7 emergency contact number: (+7)9284451108
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